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Explore the realm of aesthetics with Kishore’s custom art

A tailor-made piece of art stands as a profound expression of an individual’s unique taste and creative intent. Kishore, a masterful artist proficient in an extensive array of artistic disciplines, extends an eclectic assortment of styles for clientele to select from. This collection spans the thought-provoking allure of abstract art to the evocative allure of figurative canvases that articulate profound emotional stories. The abstract pieces by Kishore are particularly notable for their enigmatic nature, inviting a multitude of interpretations and personal connections from the viewer.

Harmony between artistry and environmental Aesthetics

In the process of composing custom art, Kishore exhibits meticulous attention to the dimensions and ambiance of the prospective setting for the custom art. Emphasizing the compatibility of the artwork with its environment, Kishore selects colour schemes that enhance and complement the space’s existing palette. 

The introduction of dynamic and vibrant artwork serves to rejuvenate any room, providing an injection of vitality and spirit. Conversely, modern creations may delve into the dynamic contrast of pronounced features against the backdrop of refined minimalism. This discerning methodology is particularly vital in instances where the artwork is to form a component of a larger project, such as an element within interior design schemes, given that the synergy between the artwork and its surrounding decor is of utmost importance. Kishore advocates for a comprehensive discussion with the customer to engage in consultation to ensure that the final product truly resonates with the aspirations of the customer.

Enjoy the personalized art journey of a loved one, pet, or fictional character, and get advice before making your final decision. So go ahead, bring your artistic ideas to life, and create a piece that will live in your space forever!

Brown tint steam locomotive paintings by Indian painter Kishore Pratim Biswas

Acrylic on Canvas | 58 x 37 in

Rs. 150000

butterfly paintings by kishore pratima biswas

Acrylic on Canvas | 24 x 24 in

Rs. 45000

female figure painting by kishore pratima biswas

Acrylic on Canvas | 38 x 48 in

Rs. 180000

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