Customize Paintings

Renowned for his custom-made artwork, Kishore Pratim Biswas has a clear goal in mind: using his artistic talent to elevate interior environments. His works are not just single pieces; rather, they are carefully constructed components meant to blend in with their environment. By giving his creations meaning and purpose, Biswas makes sure they blend in with their surroundings. His paintings are used as focal points in interior spaces, drawing the viewer in and giving the rooms character and depth. The vivid paintings on a living room wall or the sculptural installations in a foyer—Biswas’s work lends elegance and refinement to any space.

What sets Biswas apart is his ability to customise his designs so they blend in perfectly with home decor schemes. He works closely with customers, taking into account their choices in design, atmosphere, and preferences. What was the result? a group of pieces of art that add to the overall ambiance and mood in addition to improving visual appeal.

In addition to his creative ability, Biswas has a deep comprehension of space and design ideas. Each painted line or carved shape has a function that adds to the overall harmony of the room’s interior design. With his personalised artworks, Biswas elevates ordinary places into immersive worlds where harmony, beauty, and significance all coexist peacefully.

Furthermore, Biswas carefully adapts his artworks to the needs of his clientele. Whether it’s resizing a canvas or perfecting a sculpture’s colour scheme, he follows the guidelines to the letter. This custom method guarantees that every piece of art fits perfectly into its allotted area, adding subtle but elegant touches to the current atmosphere. Through the use of size and colour schemes, Biswas’s artworks not only enhance visual appeal but also demonstrate a deep comprehension of the demands of the customer, producing highly customised and influential works of art.

Our Past Customize Paintings

Through the use of size and colour schemes, Biswas’s artworks not only enhance visual appeal but also demonstrate a deep comprehension of the demands of the customer, producing highly customised and influential works of art.

Client Requirement:

The client was looking for a stunning abstract art on his grey wall in the drawing room.

Delivered Painting:

He was amazed by the abstract painting installed there with the color schemes white, blue and occasion red.

Client Requirement:

The client has a light green wall in her reading room and wanted a portrait

Delivered Painting:

Her wish was fulfilled with a painting from the series Freedom of Expression, vivid and colorful.

Client Requirement:

In his pale and greyish drawing room wall, the client was looking for a vibrant and abstract painting.

Delivered Painting:

He was stunned by the installed painting with the color scheme of yellow, white, red, black and blue, creating a perfect form and symmetry in expression.

Client Requirement:

The client was looking for an illustration painting on his studio wall.

Square abstract painting blue and white combination for office wall

Delivered Painting:

His wish was duly fulfilled with a painting of an Indian Steam Locomotive, full of warm and smoky lights that highlighted the wall.

How It Works

Our talented painter Kishore Pratim Biswas first comprehends the dimensions of your space and captures each and every detail you provide before bringing your idea to reality. Our painters carefully consider your preferences, color schemes, and atmosphere needs as they create custom masterpieces that enhance your area and perfectly capture your own flair. From calm landscapes to vivid abstractions, every piece of art is painstakingly crafted with love and care, guaranteeing to turn your space into a uniquely yours haven. Discover the allure of custom creativity, delivered within one and half month.

Step 1
Capture Image
2-5 Minutes

Clients capture their room’s ambiance and desired painting location, providing specific preferences via snapshots. Details such as wall size, desired painting dimensions, and stylistic preferences are meticulously selected. From preferred painting styles to desired subjects, every aspect is tailored to ensure the creation of a personalized masterpiece that complements the space flawlessly.

Step 2
Strat Rough Layout
8-10 Days

Once preferences are received, artists himfelf commence work promptly, meticulously crafting the bespoke artwork to meet the client’s exact specifications and expectations.

Brown tint steam locomotive paintings by Indian painter Kishore Pratim Biswas

Step 3
Create Final Artwork
15-20 Days

The artist provides the client with images of the unfinished painting layout for review. Upon receiving feedback, adjustments are made accordingly to ensure the final artwork aligns perfectly with the client’s vision and expectations.

Step 4
8-10 Days

Once approved, the final painting is completed and promptly shared with the client, ensuring satisfaction with the bespoke artwork tailored to their specifications. And shipping in the mention address with in 5 to 7 working days

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