Extreme Abstract_02

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24 X 30 in
Rs. 48000

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Abstract painting is unique in its separation from realistic art. This 24 X 30 inch canvas with bright colours shows what distinguishes abstract painting. The acrylic on canvas painting uses a dynamic mix of yellow, white, blue, black, and a tinge of red to fascinate the observer. Abstract painting defies literal interpretation, unlike conventional art genres. It encourages viewers to explore emotion, thinking, and experience. Shapes and patterns disintegrate into a colour tapestry, creating ambiguity and fascination. The artist’s brushstrokes speak for themselves, transcending representation. Abstract painting requires viewers to think deeply about art. Without items, each viewer may interpret the artwork through their own lens, finding hidden meanings and making personal connections. The canvas becomes a playground for spontaneity and intuition. The borders between artist and audience melt in this abstract masterwork, encouraging viewers to find themselves and enlighten.

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