Art For Architecture

Art has significantly influenced the development of architectural visual language, integrating aesthetic principles and creative expression to mood the look and character of buildings.

The impact of Kishore’s art on architecture: shaping spaces for enhanced well-being

Kishore is recognised for his ability to create paintings that explore the relationship with space. Kishore’s artworks for architectural spaces enhance spaces and positively influence behaviour, health, and well-being through skilled techniques, aesthetic expression, emotional power, and conceptual ideas. 

Harmonising spaces with Kishore’s artistic touch: architecture meets serenity

The building decorated with Kishore’s work conveys serenity and balance. Kishore explored a wide range of themes in his paintings, including landscapes, abstract nature, human figures, and geometric compositions. Kishore’s Feng shui (play with colours) decor infuses the space with vibrant energy and transforms it into a haven of wellness that offers a dreamy experience.

The artistic intersection: Kishore’s versatile abstracts in classic and modern style  

His abstract works, characterised by geometric shapes, vibrant colours, and balanced compositions, serve as accent pieces in architectural environments, complementing the decor and adding an element of contemporary art. The interior spaces decorated with a piece by Kishore reflect calm and an invitation to contemplation. It’s a wildcard for those who want a classic or modern style.

Kishore’s innovative and strategic artistic signature addresses brand identity and its various forms of expression. Kishore has created a series of bespoke architectural art projects for several brands, employing a holistic, multi-sensory approach. Kishore’s architectural art is also highly concerned with ecological and human responsibility.

New abstract art is coming soon, stay tuned. Check more of Kishore’s artworks in