Paintings for office interiors

Paintings continue to serve as a significant impetus for enhancing the visual appeal of office interiors, bestowing upon them personality and a refreshed ambiance that also serves as an inspiration. Kishore, a venerable figure in the realm of art, maintains an eclectic assemblage comprising contemporary (modern), innovative, naturalistic, and soft works. 


Elevate your office ambiance with Kishore’s inspiring original paintings

Kishore’s paintings have a profound effect on the office, introducing a series of positive elements to office interiors. Their originality and unique style offers a modern and contemporary vibe in the office environment.

Integrating Indian heritage into office décor with Kishore’s art

A striking feature of Kishore’s contemporary work is his approach to painting, which combines elements from art history and personal reference, as well as a conceptual approach. Kishore often incorporates elements of Indian popular culture in his paintings, such as references to popular festivals, mythology, and folklore. These elements add a connection to local and regional culture and bring a cultural signature to the office where they adorn. 

Revolutionising office interiors: modern office interior collage paintings

Kishore employs collage and assemblage in his artworks, forging compositions that challenge traditional notions of painting while also maintaining aesthetic harmony through thoughtfully arranged shapes and designs.

Contemporary art in office interiors: How modern paintings stimulate creativity and brand dynamics 

While established companies might opt for classic art that echoes their long history, emerging companies might favour contemporary expressions like street art. In the corporate realm, modern art has gained appreciation for its versatility and potential for eliciting diverse interpretations. 

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