Commission Art

Kishore, an expert in portraits, cityscapes, still life, murals, and expansive narrative artworks, puts your vision into a personalised commission art piece. Experience the joy of commission art with Kishore, whether it is a unique portrait or a fascinating urban landscape. 


Transform your stories into art with Kishore’s exclusive commissions 

With Kishore, you can commission a true work of art made to measure for each of you, directly choosing the technique and characteristics of the work you would like to receive. The commissioned art piece created is an original and out of the ordinary way to preserve a special memory that portrays you and your loved ones.

Capture the emotion and essence with the artistry of Kishore’s customised commissions

Kishore believes that he can extrapolate from the subject something beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, that is, the human aspect, the emotions that shine through the eyes, and the humanity of the pose. Precisely for this reason, Kishore has decided to launch a new made-to-order commission art service.

Transform your space with a mural commissioned by Kishore

Commissioned murals, one of Kishore’s artistic styles, are a great choice for enhancing living rooms, decorating children’s bedrooms with superheroes, fantastic worlds, or everything they love to develop their imagination as well as their growth, and embellishing the walls of a room making them iconic. 

Whether it is a gift or for you, the result will be a unique and personal work that you can use to decorate a wall or create a room with particular features, not only in the homes but also in clubs and other public establishments!