Kishore Pratim Biswas Colours Up The Female Fantasy With His Current Painting Exhibition

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female figure painting by kishore pratima biswas

The upcoming exhibition of Kishore Pratim Biswas in Mumbai on 18th April 2023 offers a fresh and dynamic look at his ideas and expressions of beauty. A devoted and dedicated artist, Kishore Pratim opens this series Freedom of Beauty as his labor of love. An exploration of female beauty in the most abstract pattern offers a colorful insight to the visitors. His works are relinquishable, dreamlike offering images of the birth of beauty in the female body.

A Journey Of Sensitivity

The sensitivity that can be sensed in this series, is something that Mr. Biswas has earned through his years of experience and an in-depth quest to find his true voice through the brushes. For more than 15 years, Kishore has been actively involved in the contemporary and modern art world. In each and every one of his creations, he applies an unconventional mindset. He was born in Calcutta, in the Indian state of West Bengal, and has always been passionate about the arts. He studied at Kolkata’s Government Institute of Art and Design, where he graduated in 1996 with a Master of Fine Art. In order to establish a reliable plant in Mumbai, Kishore relocated to Maharashtra in 2009.

Freedom of Beauty

FREEDOM OF BEAUTY is a series on the fantasy of women. It’s a combination of female beauty and butterfly. The woman is always beautiful and the butterfly is too.

Beauty Unleashed For the Imagination

His current series for the exhibition, Freedom of Beauty explores with parallelism between the flourishing beauty of a woman with the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Women, like caterpillars, develop from girls to teenagers to full-fledged adults. Its development is like the cocoon spun by a caterpillar, from which a butterfly emerges. Her gender’s magnetic attraction, shown both in her physical attractiveness and the characteristics she has on the inside, mesmerizes onlookers and sparks their imaginations. Kishore Pratim’s paintings exude a finding of beauty that is at once sexual and platonic, and they provide the spectator with enough leeway to construct their fantasy about the topic. To portray this idea, he utilized colors that are bright, sometimes shocking, and opulently rich. The butterflies dance about the female, in and out of each other, and create a bizarre picture that may be interpreted in many ways. It’s hardly surprising that this exhibition would be a treat for the eyes of art enthusiasts. Held in the Nehru Center, Mumbai, and inaugurated by the Chairman and Managing Director of Damania Airways, Mr. Parvez Damania, and his wife, Mrs. Roshni Damania.